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feeding guide

Tips on Homemade Food for Your Dog

In this Springtime Dog Health Spotlight, we examine each of the four major dog feeding styles: dry, wet, raw, and homemade. We’ll go over the basics for each style, the pros/cons, best practices, and things to avoid. Homemade Dog Food: A Growing Trend Over the past decade, the popularity of homemade dog food has increased […] Read more »

The Benefits and Risks of the Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet
Updated on August 17, 2022. What is the raw food diet trend for dogs? A raw food diet is a dog feeding style that attempts to imitate the whole-prey diet of a wolf or wild dog, with an uncooked preparation of raw muscle meat, organs, bone, and a blend of fruits, vegetables, and other essential […] Read more »

Choosing the Best Diet for Your Dog

A Comparison of various feeding styles… The perfect dog food (at least the perfect commercially produced dog food) probably doesn’t exist. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying. Dog food is a $14-billion industry, with millions of tons of dog food and treats sold every year. With all the new choices, new information, and new […] Read more »