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5 Gifts to Get your Dog in the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are a time for giving, but when it comes to your dog, there are gifts you love more than them. Yes, those reindeer antlers are adorable, but your dog probably didn’t put them on their gift list. A new dog bed? Maybe a new bowl? Well, they do generally already like, and are comfortable, where they sleep; and unless they need a sturdier bowl for their puppy energy, to them, their dog bowl is only a way to limit how much kibble they get!

However, there are answers to wag about. Here are 5 gifts that are definitely on your dog’s wish list.Plus, getting in the holiday spirit has never been more fun with these must-have gifts for your mutt:

1. Festive collar

Is your pooch in need of a little holiday sparkle? What about a little jingle?

Local and chain pet stores offer a variety of festive collars, sweaters and outfit lines to get you and your loved furry one in the holiday spirit! Personalize it for some extra flair, but don’t forget to keep their usual tags on!

2. Sweater

The options are endless. Sweaters for dogs come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Sweaters are a good idea for dogs who may need a little extra keeping warm during the colder months. They will love it!

3. Toys

The holidays are a good time to re-vamp your pet’s toy collection. Playing tug of war or fetch with your dog can brighten everyone’s holiday spirit! We love Chuckit! Kick Fetch Toy Balls with the launcher for our energized pups.

4. Stocking

Stockings are a great way to remind everyone that your pet is a part of your family. They are also a great place to store treats and toys you have wrapped for your dog. To save yourself the hassle, Springtime now sells festive Christmas stockings with a variety pack of dog treats and chews!

5. Treats

Every dog deserves a treat! The holidays are a great time to stock up on delectable bites for your dog. Want your pup to unwrap an all-natural treats with high-quality ingredients this year? Try one of our many Springtime Dog Treats & Chews.

For a limited time, get your Springtime Treats—and any Springtime product—at 10% off for the holiday season!

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