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5 Weird and Wonderful Chews for Dogs

Dogs are born with an instinctual desire to chew. It’s important to help our dogs satisfy this urge, especially if we don’t want to come home to a destroyed pair of expensive shoes. Given what we know today about the dangers of rawhide, people are discovering healthier, all natural, and 100% digestible chews for dogs. Some of these might look a little strange and unappetizing to human eyes, but they satisfy a dog’s ancient cravings.

Here are five weird and wonderful chews for dogs…

Beef Ligament

Slow-dried beef ligaments start off crunchy and gradually become extra chewy, making them a fun and long-lasting treat for your dog. Beef ligaments are naturally low in calories and packed with protein, and they have a size and firmness that makes them ideal for dogs of all sizes. Learn more.

Beef Tendon

Easily digestible, beef tendons are the fibrous bands of connective tissue that are rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and elastin. This fibrous texture also makes for cleaner teeth and gums with maximum chewing satisfaction. Learn more.

Beef Trachea

Beef trachea is a healthy chew that keeps dogs’ teeth and gums clean and is a natural source of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Beef trachea is tasty and chewy enough to keep dogs happily occupied for a while. Learn more.

Duck Feet

Duck Feet for Dogs

While duck feet for dogs may not look pretty to pet parents, this easily digestible, satisfyingly crunchy treat is an absolute favorite for dogs! Duck feet are allergy friendly for dogs with food sensitivities. A natural source of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and protein, duck feet give nutritional support and can contribute to healthy dental hygiene. Learn more.

Braided Bully Stick

With a braided bully stick, three easily-digestible bully sticks are twisted together for a taste-tempting treat and chew toy in one. Dogs love to puzzle and chew apart these low-odor chews, made from 100% beef pizzle. Braided bully sticks work great as a dental treat, keeping gums and teeth healthy without additives or sugary carbohydrates. Learn more.

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9 responses to “5 Weird and Wonderful Chews for Dogs”

  1. I love this idea. My German Short Hair Pointer loved rawhide but she swallowed such huge pieces, I had to pull one out of her throat and at times I feared she could not digest those big pieces and would get a twisted tummy. She was prone to that and was treated once for it after swallowing something she could not digest. She survived, but I will not give her rawhide now. I will certainly order these.

  2. Our pack has enjoyed the choice and premium bully sticks and duck feet — and they are writing Santa for the other array of choices Springtime has now! Everything has gone over very well, and our nearly sixteen year old Springer was still happily eating duck feet up to the week before she died (though the Queen preferred we hold them for her then.)

    Our pack says , THANK YOU, Springtime!

    • Thank you! I’ll let you in on a little secret! We’re going to be offering a beautiful doggie Christmas stocking, packed with a variety of chews and treats! Keep an eye on your email from Springtime when they become available! Thanks again for the kind words!

  3. Ive looked at the bully sticks for shelter dogs in place of rawhide. The prices are extremely high. $6 and up for just one small to med size. When you have 25 or more dogs paying this price is not feasible.

    • We offer Choice Bully sticks in 24 packs, which brings the cost down to $3.27 per bully ($6/ea for the larges). We also have beef ligaments that are as low as $1.50 each (48 pack), and Beef Trachea, which are as low as $2.35 per trach in a 24-pack. We certainly appreciate the cost of managing a large family of dogs. We have excellent incentives and cost savings for larger orders.

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