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8 Cool Activities to Do with Your Dog

Dogs like to be active and they love participating in activities with their owners. If you and your dog ever get bored of the same ol’ game of fetch, here are 8 cool things you can do with your dog that will be fun for both of you…

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8 Cool Activities for Dogs

1) Dock diving

Dog jumping into pond from a dock

Do you have a swimming dog? Try this fun sport where you throw your dog’s favorite toy off the end of a dock and watch them soar to retrieve it.

2) Agility courses

A dog jumps through a hoop on an agility course

Training in agility can be a great bonding experience. Run your dog through obstacles without using treats or toys as incentive. A great way for your dog to burn energy.

3) Disc dog clubs

There are many clubs across the United States that you can join with your dog to compete in Frisbee competitions. Watch your dog soar and have the time of their life.

4) K9 nose work

Put that nose to work! Both fun for owner and dog, K9 nose work is an activity in which dogs learn to search for a specific odor and find where the item is. This is an activity that mainly takes place indoors, so it’s a great activity you can do year round!

5) Run a 5K

A woman jogging with a dog

Check your local running store to find out dog-friendly running events in your area. Dogs need to train and get in shape before a big race just as much as people do! Also, make sure the weather isn’t too hot for your pooch. See our blog post, “Is it too hot to Walk my Dog?”

6) Pet Therapy

A therapy dog visits with a young patient

Registering your dog as a therapy dog can be rewarding for all parties involved. Make sure to find out specific certifications you will need to enter into certain areas and buildings with your pet.

7) Grooming

A dog being groomed

Why not learn how to professionally groom your dog and save a few bucks per month? Courses are offered online as well as at your local pet store.

8) Professional photos

Put on your dog’s finest to immortalize your pet forever! Spend an afternoon taking glamour shots with your pet. Find out which photographers are pet-friendly first of course. You will have photos to cherish forever!

Be sure your dog has the nutrition and energy he needs to stay active with a complete and balanced diet. Springtime Fresh Factors and Longevity … for a happier, healthier dog.

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