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Add Garlic and Diatomaceous Earth to Flea and Tick Arsenal

Add Garlic and Diatomaceous Earth to Flea and Tick Arsenal

As temperatures continue to rise, this is the time of year when you are more likely to be spending time outdoors with your family and your pets. Late spring and early summer can bring some of the most pleasant days of the year, but pests such as fleas and ticks can quickly ruin your good time. These parasites can cause long-lasting harm to both you and your pets. If you are noticing fleas or ticks on your horses, dogs, cats, or even yourself, it is time to act using safe natural methods, such as garlic and diatomaceous earth, to eradicate these pests!

Blood-sucking ticks and fleas cannot stand the scent of garlic. Using a garlic-based supplement is one natural way to keep pests away from your beloved pets. It takes time for the garlic to begin making a difference for most pets. Some may need to have it in their system for a few days before improvements are noticeable; others may need to have it in their system for a few weeks for a change to become evident. As garlic is given continuously, it is absorbed into the bloodstream. It can make the blood smell more garlicky. Fleas and ticks then find the blood of your pet is not as appetizing as it once was.

You can find garlic supplements specially designed to help support your pet’s immune system in warding off these pests. Many kinds of garlic supplements exist. You can compare their labels carefully and discuss with a veterinarian which option may be best for your pet.

Diatomaceous earth is another option that may help keep fleas away from your pet. Silica, one of the most abundant compounds found in Earth’s crust, makes up the skeletal systems of many aquatic organisms. When these creatures fossilize, the silica reacts with water and oxygen. The resulting amorphous silicon dioxide is used to produce diatomaceous earth (DE).

In the form of dust, DE works wonders when combating fleas that are infesting your dog(s). When these insects come in contact with DE, their exoskeletons begin drying out. The abrasive DE scratches their bodies and absorbs the cuticles’ fats and oils, which leads to the pests’ demise.

Often sold as a dust, DE can be applied with a special applicator or, as is most often the case, sprinkled on your pet’s body. Another option is to fill an old sock with DE; patting it against surfaces will release the dust. Be sure to treat items like blankets, carpets, and dog beds. Fleas must have physical contact with DE for it to be effective, so you may feel like you must dust everywhere for it to work right.

After 48 hours, the animals should be bathed, and the DE should be swept. Cleaning in this way helps to remove any eggs deposited by the pests. One application of DE will disrupt the life cycle of fleas, but to get a handle on an infestation, several treatments of DE may be necessary.

Controlling pests takes time and patience, but trying garlic and DE are two of the safest ways to get started.

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