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Preparing for the Fourth of July as a Pet Owner

Help your pets prepare for the 4th of July

Help your pets prepare for the 4th of July

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, instead of getting excited for my plans for the night, I worry about how my pets are going to react to the fireworks nearby. Below is a list of tips for both horse and dog owners to prepare for the Fourth:

  1. Know where the fireworks will be in your area and around what time.
  2. If you are planning a cookout, make sure your trash cans are secure to avoid your pets getting into any leftover bones or cobs of corn or other foods that could be harmful.
  3. Do not leave your pet unattended outside:
    • Let your pets out a few hours after dinner and before it is dark outside and then stall-bound or house-bound your pets until the fireworks are over.
  4. Create a comfort zone for your pet:
    • Check your horse’s stall and dog’s kennel for any hazards that could injure your pet while they are enclosed.
    • Leave a television on in your house or a radio on in your barn to distract your pets from the fireworks.
    • Have chews or toys available for nervousness – extra hay for horses in the stall.
  5. Make sure your animal has proper forms of identification on them at all times:
    • Check to make sure tags and collars are secure and with the proper contact information.
    • If your dog is microchipped, confirm that your address and phone number are current.
    • If your horse wears a halter in the field (and if they have to stay in the field), then make sure you have your current name and telephone number on it just in case.
  6. Try Springtime Supplements Stress Free Calmplex Chewables for Dogs or Daily Calm for Horses:
    • Stress Free Calmplex Chewables and Daily Calm are natural supplements to help your pets manage their stress naturally and without sedation.
    • Great for fireworks, thunder, vet visits, boarding, stallwalkers, high strung types.
    • Springtime uses top grade ginseng as an all-natural adaptogen that does not sedate.

Be sure to check out tip #2 next week: Is it too hot to walk my dog?

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