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The Benefits of Bee Pollen For Horses, Dogs, and People

You’ve arguably heard a lot of buzz (no pun intended) regarding this popular superfood you’ve seen in health food stores and at your favorite smoothie shop: bee pollen. From supporting the immune system, to promoting sources of energy, to even aiding in digestion, bee pollen is a powerhouse superfood that can help enhance the health and lifestyle of both you and your furry friends! Here, the team at Springtime Supplements discusses the benefits of incorporating bee pollen into your dog’s and horse’s daily routine as well as your own wellness regime.

Bee Pollen is Chock-Full of Nutrients & Health Benefits

Flower pollen, collected by bees, is nutrient dense and full of multiple sources of vitamins and minerals that can bring noticeable benefits to humans and animals alike. Bee pollen contains antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals, as well as a key ingredient: live enzymes. These live enzymes are crucial when it comes to supporting a living organism’s biochemical functions, or, in other words, the production of new cells. By ingesting these enzymes raw, the body is then able to use them to support its own enzyme system and contribute to the cell production process. As a daily supplement, bee pollen can be given to your dog in a chewable tablet like Fresh Factors or granules, like Longevity and Bee Pollen for Horses and Dogs, to mix it in. For, bee pollen can be added to your smoothies, yogurt, cereal – for the ultimate power breakfast.

Bee Pollen Supports Better Energy, Healthy Digestion & More

Bursting with dozens of health benefits, bee pollen can also help restore healthy muscles, which is important for those humans and animals who need support with strength and endurance. As previously mentioned, not only do the live enzymes found in bee pollen provide support for the production of new cells, but they can also aid in digestion and promote gut health. Bee pollen can support stronger hooves and healthy skin in horses, as well as help dogs maintain a healthy blood cell count and support muscle and growth factors as they age. Additionally, bee pollen contains various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal health and vitality.

Bee Pollen Supports the Immune System Amid Seasonal Changes

Bee pollen supports seasonal allergies or sudden seasonal changes which can affect the immune system. By supporting and promoting immune health, bee pollen can help the body fight off non-threatening stimuli, such as seasonal allergies, often accompanied by coughing, sneezing, and itching, as well as eye and throat irritation. By incorporating bee pollen into daily supplement doses or meals, both humans and animals can reap the benefits of this impressive supplement for both their immune health and overall wellness.

Bee Pollen: A Fantastic Supplement You Can Shop For With Springtime!

The bee pollen that Springtime supplies is carefully selected for purity and flavor, and for good reason—bee pollen should be bright, fresh, good-tasting, and, most importantly, the ultimate power supplement with optimal nutrient density. For 40 years, we have carried our line of bee pollen to support the unique health needs of our customers and their beloved pets. If you want to give the health of your pets a boost as the spring season approaches, you can shop customer favorites such as Fresh Factors Chewables for Dogs, Longevity, C-Complex or Bee Pollen for Dogs and Horses. If you are looking for a versatile product that works for every member of your family, try Bee Pollen for People. To learn other ways to improve your health, or the health of your pets, click here to contact Springtime Supplements today!

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