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Your Handy Autumn Checklist: Keep Your Dog’s Health in Tip-Top Shape This Fall!

The holiday festivities and chilly weather are on our minds as we transition away from a unique summer and into an autumn filled with possibilities. However, while we make plans to carve pumpkins, unpack our thick flannels and decorate our homes for fall, it’s important not to forget how the changing of the seasons can impact our pets. We often prepare for inevitable allergies and fall colds that we ourselves experience during the drop in temperatures, but our dogs are not immune to these seasonal illnesses. By keeping an autumn checklist of health care tips for your beloved pups, you can be well on your way to enjoying the season ahead while keeping their wellbeing at the forefront.

Prevent A Decline in Immune Defense: Up the Nutrients!

Just like humans, our pups can be susceptible to a variety of seasonal colds, allergies and illnesses that can really put a damper on how they feel. Their weakening immune systems as a result of dropping temperatures can lead to mild ailments like allergies, or more serious conditions like seasonal canine illness (SCI) or even “kennel cough.” Since dogs and humans alike suffer the loss in intake of vitamin D that we become so accustomed to in the warm summer months, it may be smart to incorporate a supplement, like our Bee Pollen for Dogs, into their daily routine to help combat the sicknesses that may creep up!

Don’t Forget About Ticks: Bugs, Be Gone!

As the weather cools, the threat of mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and flies dwindles—phew! While it sure is a relief for our dogs to get a break from pesky “no-see-ums,” there is still one major bug that is a big contender, even in the fall: ticks. Just as humans want to avoid ticks and the threats they yield at all costs, your poor dogs need to steer clear of these troublesome parasites as well. The ticks that may cling to your dog’s skin and burrow in their fur may be small at first, but can swell to the size of a pea once they’re full of blood. They can transmit diseases like Lyme disease and can even pass them on to other pets and humans if the problems persist. If you find a tick on your dog, it may be wise to seek medical attention to ensure they were not harmed by the parasite, and maybe start them on an effective, natural tick deterrent like our Bug Off Garlic for Dogs!

Avoid Joint Discomfort with the Dropping Temperatures: Stay Proactive!

It’s common for many dogs, especially large breeds and older dogs, to suffer stiff joints and maybe even some pain in their hips. As the temperatures drop, the stiffness in their joints can intensify and even limit their movement and comfortability. In order to keep your pup’s joint, cartilage and tendon health in top shape to limit the amount of stiffness they feel, consider keeping your dog as warm as possible with thicker blankets or even a cozy dog bed to warm and soothe their joints. You can even try to get them up and moving more, however gently at first, because the appropriate amount of exercise for your pet can work wonders for their mobility. If you’d like to incorporate a natural and quality daily supplement into your dog’s diet to help promote healthy joints, our Joint Health Formula is available on our website. Save up to 33% off today!

Speak to a Team Member at Springtime Supplements to Learn More!

This list is in no way comprehensive, but may it serve as a reminder that the autumn months can be a great time to give your pup a little TLC as the season changes. If you have any questions about which supplements may be right for your pet, contact our helpful team at Springtime Supplements today.

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